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We work to minimize our environmental impact. We also focus on our ethical standards as a business, and our commitment towards the many people and communities who make our products. It’s always the big picture at MarMar Copenhagen and with both Mother Nature and the planet’s children in mind – and at heart.


Make only what is necessary

We produce the same quantities we have received orders for from our customers. We do not have huge stock levels in anticipation for higher sales. Sold out is a healthy option. Should we not sell enough to fill a fair profitable order for our supplier, we will choose to cancel the product from the range.

Best Basics

The foundation of MarMar Copenhagen is our NOOS collection (Never Out of Stock), which consists of the best timeless basics.

I wanted high quality basics to be available to every parent when they needed them and not when fashion dictated it, and at a price that allowed every child the chance to wear something that was comfortable, soft and long lasting in both look and quality.

Marlene Holmboe

This is yet another way of minimizing consumer consumption and controlling overproduction, by not making rival products each season. Why make a new rose body stocking each season, when you already have the perfect one in the NOOS collection?



Long lasting

MarMar Copenhagen products are long lasting, in both quality, design and colours. They can be passed on and used again and again. Aiming to do more with less.


Responsible fibres

We define responsible fibers as fibers that help us minimize our environmental impact.

In our collection programmes, we use both responsible and conventional fibres. We use responsible fibres, when meet our high-quality standards and complement the design and serve a function without compromising the end product in terms of durability and functionality.

Each season, we strive to use available stock fabrics or leftover fabrics found in our supplier’s warehouse, or in their local market. It makes good sense to fit these programmes into the collection allowing us to use up what is already made. In this way, we don’t produce another new fabric. 

Today, approximately, 58% of our production is made from responsible fibers. We are aiming for 100%

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