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Maed for Mini


There’s no denying that the fashion industry has an unfavorable reputation with regards to the environmental and social issues our world is currently facing, and it has never been clearer that we are dealing with a growing climate emergency. Maed for mini is in no way perfect, but we are highly aware of our responsibility and moral obligation. As a kids wear brand, we want to produce in a way that will leave our kids with a planet to enjoy. It’s very important to us to do what is right for workers, consumers, and the planet. Therefore, we are taking important steps towards becoming the most responsible version of ourselves and minimizing our social and environmental impact to the best of our abilities.



At maed for mini we are strong believers of the power of durable quality and original but timeless design. With the use of carefully selected materials, we strive to create a long-lasting product that can be worn year-round, deserves to be treasured and that can be passed onto next generations. With our capsule collections we encourage investing in high quality clothing, wearing them more often and holding onto them for longer to diminish a garments’ environmental impact. Since the majority of items in our collections is unisex, it’s easier to pass your all-time favorites along. As big advocates of secondhand concepts, we love to see our items get a second or third life so often. Considering how much we invest in the quality of our collections, it’s the crown on our work. We believe it’s important to encourage buying less and making well-informed decisions, which is why we are always on the lookout for possible collaborations with local vintage initiatives.

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